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  thriller author, former FBI Agent and Marine officer

New Release

The Manipulation Project (June, 2022)

Gruesome murders cast a pall over the playground of the powerful, rich, and famous.


Murders in peak tourist season are enough to drain the lifeblood from any beach town—none more so than the elite playground of Rehoboth Beach. When the mayor and police chief are confronted with two grisly murders, they enlist the help of local residents and retired FBI agents Chris Gordon and Vic Thompson to catch the killer. But every clue leads to more questions than answers. Outside help causes tension on the force, and Chris and Vic find themselves once again battling the inter-agency drama they thought they’d left behind. As the case makes national news and the pressure continues to rise, they begin to suspect that Rehoboth is just the tip of a gruesome iceberg. 

Can they stop the killer before he strikes again?

Perfect for fans of James Patterson and Gregg Olsen, THE MANIPULATION PROJECT is a thrilling mystery that keeps readers guessing to the very end.

Audio Sample: Prologue
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Advice to a first-time novelist:  write about what you know. In his debut novel, The Manipulation Project, Steve Gladis has done just that—and the result is an engaging, thrilling and interesting read!The Manipulation Project is a quick read, in part because it is a page turner.  Each chapter allows the reader to see things from the perspective of all of the key players and, like them or not, you get to know them very well.  From the graphic Prologue to the satisfactory conclusion, Dr. Gladis demonstrates his acumen in criminal investigation and his ability to tell a thrilling tale that holds your interest throughout.  

Sondra Stallard

Praise & Reviews

Just finished listening to the audiobook "The Manipulation Project". It grabbed me from the prologue - I could smell the ocean air and the boardwalk french fries as a murder happened just steps away on the beach! Highly likeable and believable characters doggedly pursuing disparate leads and obscure clues! I knew they would solve the murder, and I couldn't wait to find out how!

Gary Sheehan

The most dangerous predator at the beach isn’t always in the water. In the Manipulation Project, two retired FBI agents work against time and political interference to find a serial killer before he claims more victims. There are numerous twists, turns and surprises throughout the novel and just when you think you have figured things out, it turns out the plot runs deeper than you expected. Steve Gladis, the writer, has used his years of experience as an FBI agent to write a compelling book about a hunt for a serial killer. Alex Hyde-White’s reading of the audiobook brings the story to life in a way that makes you want to continue listening even after the chapter or your commute is over.

Dean McIntyre

Steve Head shot--short.jpg

About Steve Gladis

Steve Gladis is a former Marine officer and FBI Agent with major case experience in Cleveland, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. He taught senior police officers and agents at the FBI Academy, edited the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, and served as chief speechwriter for the FBI Director. He now teaches leadership at George Mason University. The author of numerous books on leadership, Dr. Gladis works with businesses, associations, and U.S. government agencies, and speaks regularly at conferences. For decades, he and his family have been summer vacationers at Rehoboth Beach, the setting of his first novel, The Manipulation Project.

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