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The Manipulation Project 

A Novel 

Gruesome murders cast a pall over the playground of the powerful, rich, and famous.


Murders in peak tourist season are enough to drain the lifeblood from any beach town—none more so than the elite playground of Rehoboth Beach. When the mayor and police chief are confronted with two grisly murders, they enlist the help of local residents and retired FBI agents Chris Gordon and Vic Thompson to catch the killer. But every clue leads to more questions than answers. Outside help causes tension on the force, and Chris and Vic find themselves once again battling the inter-agency drama they thought they’d left behind. As the case makes national news and the pressure continues to rise, they begin to suspect that Rehoboth is just the tip of a gruesome iceberg. 


Can they stop the killer before he strikes again?

Perfect for fans of James Patterson and Gregg Olsen, The Manipulation Project is a thrilling mystery that keeps readers guessing to the very end.


Leading Teams

Both a compilation of the latest team-based research and a compelling leadership case-study fable, Leading Teams is a unique resource for both seasoned and emerging leaders. Their comprehensive research is encapsulated in a single diagram—the Team Leadership Pyramid—which helps the reader visualize the different elements that are essential to team success.

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Positive Leadership 

Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work provides key research-based principles that will help you be a more effective leader. The first part of the book, “The Concept,” gathers some of the best positive psychology research available and reads like a Harvard Business Review article. The second part, “The Story,” is a leadership fable about a homeless, former business executive who attempts to climb back into society after a shocking body blow to his life. The research and the story together make a memorable read.

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Smile. Breathe. Listen. 

This book is for leaders at any level of the organization, who care about being the best leaders they can be. Written to be read in a one-hour, single sitting, this fast-read book focuses on the science around 3 mindful acts—smiling, breathing, and listening—which make leaders more fully present, aware, and thoughtful. Based on the science associated with these simple but powerful acts, this book explains how to execute each act. In fact, there are specific ways for leaders to smile, to breathe, and to listen. Written in clear and plain language, the research is also supplemented with a case study that demonstrates the impact of these 3 mindful acts. This book is a fast-read for both new and experienced leaders who want to add 3 powerful tools to their leadership toolbox.

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