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Press Release

Missionday, publisher of bestselling business books including Powerful by Patty McCord, Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath, and Radical Inclusion by Martin Dempsey and Ori Brafman, is pleased to announce its first fiction audiobook: The Manipulation Project by Steve Gladis. Gladis is a former FBI agent with major case experience in Cleveland, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. He taught senior police officers and agents at the FBI Academy, edited the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, and served as chief speechwriter for the FBI Director.

Missionday publisher Dr. Piotr Juszkiewicz commented, “We knew Steve was an accomplished business author. We had no idea that he also wrote fiction in his spare time, drawing on his extensive experience as an FBI agent. While reviewing his murder-mystery manuscript, we were struck by its potential as a fast-moving audiobook. Just as quickly, the perfect narrative voice came to mind - that of Alex White-Hyde.” An outstanding dramatic reader, White-Hyde is also known for his roles in such television and film productions as Murder She Wrote, Dexter, Battlestar Galactica, Catch Me If You Can, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Pretty Woman.

Dr. Juszkiewicz added, “Interestingly, we used Marlowe Pro, an artificial intelligence program from Authors A.I., to evaluate the manuscript.” The analysis showed that The Manipulation Project has bestseller potential and compares favorably with works of well known fiction authors James Patterson and Gregg Olsen.

The Manipulation Project leaps into action with a murder on Rehoboth Beach—a summer playground for the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington elite, including President Joe Biden. A taskforce that includes two retired FBI agents who settled in Rehoboth investigates the suspenseful and ever-complicated case with determination, wit, and investigative technique worthy of any police procedural.

The Manipulation Project audiobook will be available for pre-orders April 28, and both the audiobook and ebook versions will be officially published June 2. Gladis’ ancestors were Ukrainian. He has committed to donating 50% of his royalties to aid Ukraine.

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